Welcome to the web pages of TECHEM CZ, Ltd.

In recent years, all companies worldwide focus on activities they are best at and leave certain either minor or not so frequently carried out tasks to be done by outsourcing expert bodies. Even you, now or later, may need to resolve whether any of your problems would be better solved in-house or by some of consulting companies. In the latter case you will have to make a choice among similar players in each of market niches. We want to help you in your decision. Just read through our pages to get an impression about our abilities, experience, know-how and references of work already carried out. Would you be not so sure, just contact us. We can arrange a meeting to discuss your particular needs and ways how to satisfy them. Just remind some of thoughts of Jean – Pierre Vollmer (AKZO):

„Avoid to satisfy all your needs  by yourself unless mastering  them  properly.“molekuly

„It is not so important to be the strongest one, what matters is to be a leader in speed and cunning.“

„He who doesn´t request anything, does possess nothing.“

TECHEM CZ, s.r.o. – your powerful assistence.

IIn appraisal of continuous activities and results supporting the sustainable development in chemical industry keeping the standards of Responsible Care program, the Association of Chemical Industry of the Czech Republic awarded at 2 October 2007 to its member TECHEM CZ, Ltd. an attest of enrolment in the Czech list of Responsible Care participants and a title to use the Responsible Care logo. The attest of enrolment and entitlement to use the Responsible Care logo has been upheld again in 2009.